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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 8, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," an emotional homecoming, as her family asks for privacy. we're learning new disturbing details about the house of horrors on seymour avenue. >> we have confirmation that they were bound and there were chains and ropes in the home. >> she needs an ambulance. >> do you need an ambulance or what? she needs everything. she's in a panic, she's been kidnap, so put yourself in her shoes. >> under review, officials take a closer look at the actions of the 911 dispatcher who failed for stay on the line with amanda berry until police arrive. there you see darrell issa. as we continue to talk about cleveland for a moment. we're talking about savannah grutry's interview on "today" about the mother wanting to reunite with her daughter.
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>> what do you plan to say to scherr? >> that i love you, and i missed you all this time. and now, of course, we talk about benghazi. the house republicans opening hearings into how the state department tanned pentagon responded to the attack. democrats crying foul. >> these witnesses deserve to be heard on the benghazi attacks, the flaws in the accountability review boards, methodology, process and conclusion. >> what we have seen over the past two weeks a a full-scale media campaign that is not designed to investigate what happened in a responsible and bipartisan way, but rather a launch of unfounded accusations to smear public officials. let me be clear, i am not questioning the motives of our witnesses. i am questioning the motives of those who want to use their
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statements for political purposes. with us today, former ambassador thomas pickering who cochaired the independent review board on benghazi. and the comeback kid. mark sanford celebrates his victory in the south carolina special election. >> i think this idea of redemption at large and political redemption i guess in specific is a process that's a day at a time. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the crush of media proved too much for amanda berry after almost ten years held in captivity, so her sister briefly spoke to reporters instead. >> we appreciate all you have done for us throughout the past ten years. please respect our privacy until we are ready to make a statement. thank you. but even as the women are celebrating their homecummings, a horrific picture is emerging. according to police, women say they were kept isolated from
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each other, locked in rooms. they also say they were raped repeatedly, multiple pregnancies resulting in miscarriages. gina dejesus says the ordeal began one day when she was walking home from school and a van driving a van asked if she needed arrive. cleveland police insist they did everything they could to, but neighbors are telling nbc news they called police repeatedly over the years to report unusual behavior like a naked woman crawling in the backyard of the house. today savannah guthrie asked the police chief michael mcgrath about the reports. >> we have no record of those calls coming in over the last ten years. >> reporter: you have no record of it. does that mean those calls didn't come? or is it possible the calls were made and for whatever reason they were never recorded? >> no, we would have a recording of those calls. >> meanwhile, the man who i said betterry escape, is becoming an internet sensation.
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>> she brought this little girl out, and she says this is his daughter. i said if that's his daughter, what are you all doing? domestic violence? she said, no, i'm amanda berry, and this is his daughter because of he was raping me. i said, oh! >> nbc's craig melvin is in cleveland. this is so horrific. what are we learning today? what are we learning about what the police did and did not do, craig? >> reporter: you know, andrea, two very different pictures are starting to emerge. you heard from the police chief this morning. we've also heard from the police spokesperson as well. they continue to insist, continue to maintain that multiple calls made to 911, that those calls simply did not happen. meanwhile, you have neighbors who we just spoke to, one of those neighbors a few moments ago reiterated that story you just referenced about a naked woman crawling around in the backyard of the castro home. again, those two pictures
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continue to be painted. we're going to spend more time talking to neighbors in the neighborhood. meanwhile, we want to update you on the investigation, around 12:30, we saw four people go into the house of horrors, as you put it off the top, four people went into the house, one of them was a plain clothed officer. they have not come out of that home just yesterday. engine va dejesus, we're told that gina dejesus will be reunited with her family at any moment. meanwhile, we are also expecting this appearing to get the formal charges of kidnapping and rape. at this point it is not clear whether all three of the castro brothers will be facing the kidnapping and rape charges, or whether it will be the 52-year-old ariel castro, the mastermind, if you l. the alleged mastermind, the alleged
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ringleader. as you mentioned starting to get information about precisely what went on inside the house. police told us earlier today, based on initial -- based on -- actually while i'm talking, i think we can show you the investigators are -- i shouldn't say the investigators, but the folks emerging from the home, you can see the one plain-clothed officer, and three others, it looks like they're going to get into an unmarked car. not sure what that was about, but we'll try to get to the bottom of that. but we also want to let you no that ashley summers, she would have been 20 years old, 14 when she went missing. she lived in this neighborhood as well. investigators say they want to talk to the three women about ashley summers. at this point they're not drawing any sort of connection between the castro brothers and ashley summers, but she was about the same age, and quite frankly she looks a lot like the other three as well.
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so investigators in those preliminary conversations want to talk to them about ashley summers. >> craig melvin, thank you very much. to follow up, we know they are looking into that house, and bringing out evidence, and presumably we'll have more as the hour proceeds. meanwhile, on capitol hill, oversight chairman darrell issa excoriating the investigation board. >> on february 22nd, this economiee broke to ambassador pickering and admiral mullen, who as required by law were appointed by secretary clinton and cochaired the accountability review board investigation. we asked them to testify about their investigations and findings. they refused and our minority said nothing. >> ambassador thomas pigering cochaired that review board and
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joins us from the state department. i wanted to clear up, first of all, whether or not you are willing to testify, contrary to what chairman issa has claimed. >> yes, i'm willing to testify. i made that clear yesterday. the white house i understand made that clear to mr. issa. he decline. i don't know the reasons for that, made some statement about perhaps sometime later we could come, but i was very interested in being there, because i thought the testimony this morning might be important with respect to the accountability review board and its work. >> you interrued gregory hicks who testified emotionally today, the deputy chief of mission, the last person who we know of to speak to ambassador stevens, and stevens said to him on the phone we are under attack. he still believes, according to the defense attache that they could have gotten help sooner, within two or three hours, not five or six hours as as
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secretary panetta and others have said from the military. what is your understanding of this? you took testimony from him at your review board. >> andrea, we interrued greg hicks at length. i great admiration for the work he did under enormous pressure. he performed very very well and everybody has complimented him on that. his own testimony in my view makes clear, while he had tomed for aircraft relief and in i were in his position i would have felt the same way, the defense attache and subsequently defense officials make it clear that the aircraft were two to three hours away, but there were no refueling aircraft available. that speaks for itself action and i don't see any contradiction. i don't recall, and i reviewed the testimony yesterday, that we actually discuss that with greg hicks in the interview, but nevertheless he made the statement, and i think it is clear from what everybody has said, there should be no controversy over that.
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aircraft were there, but they were not available in a time span that could have made any serious difference in connection with the issue. >> that does get back to perhaps a policy failure, because the afterry kahn headquarters in europe is in a -- >> with today's communications, the location of a headquarters is not very relevant. the real question would be, would there air krafl ready, close to being on alert and were there tanker facilities that were necessary if the aircraft were located a distance from benghazi. that all seems to be the case, seems to be very clear. that's what the pentagon total us, and i think we had every reason to believe they were telling us, a clear straight and truthful story. >> the republicans leading this investigation say that you did not interview hillary clinton. if not, why not?
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>> we met with hillary clinton. we did so before the report was finalized. we met so under conditions where we believed we understood exactly what had happened, particularly in the decision-making chain where she might have been relevant. we believed and we still believe the decision-making was made quite well below her level, reviewed below her level. we had clear indications from people who had attended meetings with her to what went on at those meetings, so we didn't feel there was a question outstanding, and i think all five of us agreed that we should place before the secretary, nevertheless the meeting was useful. it gave us an opportunity to brief her on the report, to discuss it, and to have her understand where we were going. >> senator lindsey graham not part of this hearing, but very critical on "morning joe" today. i wanted to play a bit of this. >> i think the story of benghazi is that after the attack, seven
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weeks before an election, there was an effort by senior people to put a political spin on this rather than tell the story it was a terrorist attack from the get-go, because they were so close to the election. >> was there a cover-up from that perspective, and also an attempt to protect hillary clinton from being interrogated, interviewed and taking responsibility for what happened below her? >> i saw no evidence of it. she did publicly take responsibility for what happened below her. indeed, one of the things the congress did in preparing the legislation that is established the account absent review board, was to say we don't want a situation where heads of agencies take responsibility and then nobody who made the decision in the chain has to suffer any consequences for failure for performance. >> i believe the accountable review board did its work well. i think the notion, quote, of a cover-up has the elements of
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joining mess is steve clemmons, washington editor atlarge for "the atlantic" and ernesto, a correspondent at "the washington post." first, steve, to you. let's look at some of the testimony from today. there was emotional testimony from, you know, two of the witnesses already at this hearing. let's take a look at eric nordstrom. >> the committee's labors to uncover what happened prior, during and after the attack
10:17 am
matter. it matters to me personally, and it matters to my colleagues at the department of state. it matters to the american public for whom we serve. and most importantly -- excuse me -- it matters to the friends and family of ambassador stevens, shawn smith, glen doherty, and tyrone woods who were murdered on september 11th, 2012. no one is questioning the heroism of those who were repeatedly calling for help, but at the same time they already testified to the independent review board, with the exception of mr. thompson. so i'm wondering, what is your
10:18 am
take on what we're still learning from these hearings. >> whatever is motivating these revelations, on one level an emotional level and frankly, as you and i have both been through all of this material for so long, what's remarkable is we didn't know some of this before. that's surprising to me. i think when it comes down to the substance of what might have been different or changed on the ground i myself don't see there might have been much change given what we know of the facts, but i do find that gregory hicks and others have come forward with tapes that i haven't heard before, and i'm asking the question of how can that be? why is that? is that because of something he held back? or is that something the state department and the white house for various reasons didn't want to disclose. i think that is a very, very important question to get at. >> you've been taking a close look at this. what about the charge that the military did not respond, overruled the request from greg hicks. we had testimony previously from
10:19 am
panetta again, martin dempsey is now saying there was no way they could have responded, because they didn't have the refueling. has the pentagon given any more information about this? what is your take? >> there's two issues drawing a lot of concern one is the issue of whether planes could have been scrambled and possibly, you know, if they had been scrambled, could they have had -- i think most people by now have taken the accounting from senior military at value, it was not -- another line of questioning which i think is potential more damning, that is the decision to hold back four special operations troops who are in tripoli at the time, and potentiality to provide first aid to the americans who were wounded, being transported back. we don't yet have clarity about why that call was made and who
10:20 am
made that call. but that was a call that certainly angered officials in tripoli, who thought this was the best course of action. then somebody up the chain of command, you know, ruled that option out and told them to stay in the capital. >> well, the push-back from the state department, let me just put it here, is that they're looking at a big picture, where there are attacks sequentially on missions all over the region, and tripoli is a major mission. those we're the last four remaining special forces operatives, because six others had already gone to ben ghazi. >> which is very fair. you had things going on in egypt. >> yemen. >> north africa region. there was a lot of uncertainty in that moment about what to do, so this well could be a collision over tactics. i think there could be a legitimate dispute between grilling goir hicks and others that is interesting to reveal.
10:21 am
as i said, i think the bigger issue is the broader issue is why are we getting revelations so late, what is animating gregory hicks to come forward now, and propelling himself in the middle of this -- he had largely been interviewed by the arb, the review board, and others, but nonetheless there are dimensions that make it feel and look like the white house and state department haven't been completely forth coming, and the bottom like is they should, because i don't think a change -- or a difference in tactics is anything that should be hidden from. and might as well get it all out there, put it all out there, so we may by chasing the fact that concern with secrecy or consistency is keeping this from coming occupy. do i think there's a high crime there? no, i don't, but i do find it to be the story that won't go away, not because there was anything duplicitous or terrible done,
10:22 am
but because there's an obsession can secrecy or withholding information. >> but, of course, the push-back from congressman cummings, ernesto is this was politics and others have said that they're going after hillary clinton and trying to muddy her up before a potential run. >> sure. i mean action this has to be viewed, to some extension through the political prism. a lot of the members on the hill, on the republican side, certainly must realize a few years from now this could pay huge political different if they're able to build the narrative that there was a cover-up and if they're able to somehow tie those. however, so far, you you know, we haven't seen a smoking gun. we haven't seen a demonstrated failure at the secretary level. i think the hope on their side is that as things move forward and as we get a complete and
10:23 am
unfettered narrative on some of these new voices join the accounting that some of these higher officials already taken to account. >> thank you, ernesto and steve. this week the obama administration officially accused china of state-sponsored cyberattacks. former joint chiefs chair mike mullen also cochaired that benghazi inquiry said cybersecurity is a huge challenge. >> there's nowhere i go that i don't talk about. i think it's the most severe threat we have,tial to our way of life. i have been on the inside, fought it and seen it, so i have some understanding. we're in decent shape on the military side, okay on the
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when hillary clinton testified before the house in january on benghazi, one of the most heated exchanges was between clinton and congressman mccall, the chair of the homeland security committee. >> i think when you have an united states ambassador personally warning about the situation over there, sending this cable to your office -- >> well, if i could, 1.43 million cables a year come to the state department. they are all addressed to me. they do not come to me. >> certainly somebody within your office should have seen this cable. chairman mccall join mess now. first of all, what have you heard in the hearings today, or in the testimony so far that you've been tracking that tells you that things are going to be fixed and that the dr what you have you think the gaps were
10:28 am
that you first heard back in january have been remedied, and do you think more needs to be learned? >> i think my biggest concern that i have heard recently are the revelationses that the special forces may have been told to stand down at the time of the attack and even beforehand, which could have prevented the death of the ambassador and the other individuals. as you showed that clip, the administration was notified in march and may requests for additional security, august 16th, a classified cable after an emergency meeting for additional security. those requests were denied. when in fact the consulate had been hit twice by the brigades of the blind sheikh. so it creates a picture of gross negligence or something very odd to me in terms of why was security denied at so many points when the warnings, a cry for help from the ambassador was
10:29 am
put out there, and yet nothing was done? >> well, that speaks to the prior warnings. i want to say the special forces request had to do with what happened once the attack was in play, and the state department's response is that we needed those four remaining troops to protect tripoli, so that's an understandable i think disagreement on where to put your resources. i want to also ask you about boston, obviously a major concern here at home. secretary napolitano was testifying today about what homeland security can do and whether they can catch everything before it happens. let's watch. >> we can never know everything, and what we know, we can never have perfect information about. >> that's a bit of a clip of secretary napolitano. i apologize for how abbreviated it was. basically she is saying that we could always protect.
10:30 am
we can do what we can. >> that's true. there's always the point that she makes thwe have to be right 100% of the time, just 1% of the time for them. we saw in recent weeks the biggest attack on american soil since 9/11. the boston complies commissioner testified before my committee on what happened that day, the heroic actions and the manhunt itself. i have a job as chairman to the american people to find out if there's something broken in the system that needs to be fixed. one of my concerns is the idea that he travels abroad and yet the flags go up within the department of homeland security, but the fbi has no idea that he's traveled to the chechen region, a very dangerous part of the world. in light of this russian intelligence lead, which waernd us about this. so there seemed to be -- the ball seemed to have been dropped at this point.
10:31 am
my job is to find out, not in a gotcha political game, but to fix the system on it never happens again. >> thank you very much. we look forward to your hearings tomorrow. >> thanks for having me. joining me is kelly o'donnell in south carolina. it looks as though mark sanford re-claimation project is complete. he was elected. let's talk about the reasons for that special house victory. >> reporter: well, andrea, we've been lucky enough to be here on the ground for several days and watching mark sanford interact, and elizabeth colbert as well. i encountered many idea logically mark sanford was closer. we know this is a district far more heavily conservative and
10:32 am
republican, so elizabeth colbert bush had an uphill climb. she made a formidable case, and in part they were trying to seize upon some of the missteps and failings that mark sanford had when he was governor. colbert bush tried to focus more on his leaving his post as she described it, but when it came down to the time of voting, there were also people we talked to who said they didn't like what he had done, they don't respect it, don't necessarily forgive what he had done, but they felt it was more personal than in the public domain, so they ended up voting for him. it's hard to measure how much dislike there was when he won by about nine points. that's a pretty big margin. not as big as the difference between romney and president obama last november, but he won. he's going back to washington, to try to rebuild his public life. throughout much of the campaign he talked about the past failings, and i think at this
10:33 am
point he's trying to look forward and very emotionally talked to one of those packed room, where the people who have supported are you gathered around, saying he's going to do his best going forward. it's been a time of great interest here in south carolina in filling that seat. andrea? iflgts kelly odoane in charleston, south carolina, you saw this one coming. thank you very much. john kerry arrived in rome today on the heels of major developments. during his visit to russia yesterday he met with vladimir putin, discussing what they would hope to be a political solution to the syrian conflict. we have this report from rome. >> reporter: as the civil war in syria rages on with more than 70 thousands dead, the u.s. and russia announced a new diplomatic push yesterday after a marathon day of meetings in moscow. russia, a longtime backer is going to have to try to persuade
10:34 am
syrian officials to come to a new international conference while the u.s. is going to have to try to persuade the armed opposition to sit down with those officials without first demanding assad go. secretary kerry warned without a political solution, more turmoil for the region. >> the alternative is syria heads closer to an abyss, if not over the abyss and into chaos. the alternative is that the humanitarian crisis will grow and the alternative is that there may be a -- in syria, or ethnic attacks and ethnic cleansing and other assaults which threaten the stability of the region and challenge the conscience of good people everywhere in the world. that's the alternative. >> reporter: this latest initiative comes as the administration is considering
10:35 am
arming some opposition troops and investigatoring whether or not the syrian regime used chemical weapons. that's catherine chomiak reporting from rome. this friday i'll be monitoring the first ever google-plus hangout. what's in it for americans to engage in the world. you can watch it live on the state department's googed-plus page. we'll be right back. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is...
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natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. florida congresswoman and democratic national committee chairs debbie wasserman schultz is now joining me. first i want to ask about the election of a colleague mark sanford. he didn't even have the support of the national committee, yet defeated a democratic candidate in the race despite his admitted transgressions. what does it say about the party in south carolina? >> i think it says two things. one in a district lie south
10:39 am
carolina won that mitt romney won by 18 points, it's not surprising that the district defaulted to its philosophical roots and elected the republican. the other thing it says is that in a long string of confirmations, the republican party continues to be the party of extremists, it doesn't send a strong message to women in this country that the republican party understands that they have gone way off the issues that are important to women when they election a candidate like mark sanford after his track record. so those were the two things that i think last night was about. >> now, let me ask you about the whole question of the rise in military sexual assaults, also a case that clair mccaskill is involved in where she's putting a hold on a promotion for a woman general. this is the second instance we know of unilaterally overruled a
10:40 am
jury verdict of rape, letting an accused rapist convicted in a military court, off. which is becoming an increasing issue. this is a message, a video blog that general dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs sent from afghanistan to the troops. >> that trust is the foundation of our profession, and yet sexual assault erodes that trust. sexual assault is a crime, but it also has such an adverse effect on the trust that binds the profession together that we must deal with it. >> congresswoman, legislation is being introduced that would prevent generals from overruling jury verdicts of rape or sexual assault. do you support that. i think it's a house bill, a bipartisan bill? and what more needs to be done to get a handle on this? >> as the president said the other day, this has -- this problem is deep-seated, severe
10:41 am
and goes beyond creating more awareness and sensitivity program. there absolutely has to be something done to make sure that the spates of sexual assaults that appear to be getting in such large numbers it's almost commonplace has to be addressed in a substantive and significant way. whether it's that legislation or legislation that my good friend kirsten jill i brand suggested, so that women and victims of sexual assault in the military can go right to a trained prosecutor, that's something that can be explored, but clearly this is going to require some substantive structural way to make sure that that sexual assaults become a thing in the past and are severely dealt with
10:42 am
and individuals are prosecuted, as the president said. you wanted to ask about the benghazi hearings. there's been some suggestion by democrats that this is political in nature and an attempt to go after hillary clinton. i know you're a close supporter of hillary clinton's, but i want to give you a chance to respond to the charges that she does not do a good job in investigating all of this, and that this should be part of her record. >> there's just no question that the republicans are latching on to this witch-hunt to continue the politicization of what is -- what was clearly a tragedy and something that was thoroughly investigated by the accountability review board as set up by former secretary clinton. it was led by am bass tore pickering and admiral mullen. they came up with recommendations, all of which are being fully implemented by
10:43 am
the state department, and we need to continue to take steps to ensure, as the president said, nothing like this ever happens again, and also that we continue to go after and pursue whoever perpetrated this horrific attack and make sure we bring them to justice. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, thank you very much. more from cleveland where neighbors and friends continue to ask whether police could have intervened earlier to free the three women snubs's jeff rossen to to a neighbor about a call he said he made to police. >> i called the cops. the -- they were -- 6 [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
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nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker joins me from the white house
10:47 am
lawn. the president is dining out again tonight, this time house democrats. talking about the budget, and their failure so far to get the republicans to agree to going ahead with a regular budget process? a lot of stalemates on both sides? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, andrea. the budget will be one of the big topics of conversation tonight. of course, it is critical that president obama has house democrats on board as well. remember a lot of them bristled at what he put on the table. as will be guns a topic. mike thompson will be there. remember when the background check was voted down in the senate, he was one of the members of congress who said, look, this fight is not over yet. also representative chris van hollen, one of the ranking members on the house budget committee, and representative
10:48 am
javier be sercerra has been invd on immigration, so you can bet that would be a topic of conversation. leader pelosi organized this dinner. there's always smun wo organizes this dinner. she took the reins this time around. it comes on a day after president obama played golf with republican members of the senate yesterday. we are told he didn't win the game, but i think that they did also discuss a number of items, which included the budget as well. sam by chambliss and corker also there, two members of the senate who also talked about the importance of getting some type of larger budget reform deal passed. andr andrea? >> he hartley won the game. saxby chambliss got a hole in one. he 'also traveling to texas.
10:49 am
>> reporter: to some extent, this trip is an amendment to refocus the conversation. of course there's been a lot of discussion about syria. of course today the focus has been on benghazi. tomorrow president obama will travel to austin, texas, talking about the economy. he'll specifically be talking about investing in manufacturing. he's also going to visit a school that has a strong science technology, engineer and math program. >> kristin welker thank you. we'll be right back. (annoucer) new beneful medley's, in tuscan, romana, and mediterranean style varieties. ♪ just mix it in, and take play to new places. three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's.
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joining us now for more on today's benghazi hearings on the september 2012 attacks. ranking member on the house intelligence committee, congressman, there's a lot being said today about what could have been done, what should have been done. have you heard anything so far in the testimony that makes you want it go back to the drawing board and go back to the state department and ask more tough questions? >> the first thing i think is very important that we have an open hearing.
10:53 am
and it is very important that anyone on the scene at the time be able to give their version of what they saw and what occurred. and most of the information that i've heard so far is not new. but whatever we need to do is most important thing is find out how this occurred, why it occurred, and make sure that american lives will be protected in the future. so i think that the whistle-blowers, there's an issue out there that was retribution that we always need to make sure we protect the whistleblowers because that's who we are as america. that's what makes an organization good. but so far at this point, i think that witnesses have verified that one witness said that he talked to secretary of state clinton about evacuating everybody from benghazi and the clinton and he agreed to that. i think there is testimony about how far away the military was and i believe secretary at that time panetta said that military was seven, eight hours away.
10:54 am
and when there was a decision to evacuate everybody, there was a need for the military to begin with. there were issues that we have no look at and it is important that american public understand. any allegations at all that there was misconduct or that we could have done better, we need to look at that and follow the facts as they go forward. >> one thing that is often batted around is why there aren't more marines. i've been told there are 1200 marines for the not tire world, for embassies, cons late. they are not at every embassy or a cons late. this is not even a cons late, this is a mission. does congress have to step up to the fact that there are not enough marines paid for to properly protect these dangerous posts? >> well, we always have to look at cost factors. especially right now where w where we are with congress at this point. but from the safety point of view, when we ask our americans to go to other parts of the world, on our behalf, we have to make sure they are protected. and the majority of them, almost all of the embassies, i'm not
10:55 am
sure which one is done, that had marines, they are usually inside. this is not an embassy. this is a mission. and this was -- and if that's the case, then there needed to be certain types of security steps taken. that's what i'm interested in. when this is over, let's get all of the facts and see what we can do to make it happen again. also, by the way, we are still looking for the individuals that started this scenario and really caused the death of our american citizens. >> good point. thank you, congressman. thank you. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tamron hall has what's next on news nation. >> disturbing informing about what allegedly happened inside the cleveland house of horrors, where police say three women and a child escaped from captivity. a man in the neighborhood says he called police in 2011 after being alerted a woman was banging on the window of that
10:56 am
home. also, amanda berry back home with her family. another victim could be reunited with her family within the hour. we will have the latest live, plus -- >> what we have seen over the past two weeks is a full scale media campaign that is not designed to investigate what happened in a responsible and bipartisan way. >> these witnesses deserve to be heard on the benghazi attacks. >> testimony on capitol hill right now to the benghazi attacks where witnesses including self-described whistleblowers are giving their version of what happened that night. does it contradict what obama administration says? we will have the very latest, all next on "news nation." we're at the exclusive el chorro lodge in paradise valley, arizona where, tonight, we switched their steaks with walmart's choice premium steak. it's a steakover! this was perfect. it was really good! one of the best filets i've had. see, look how easy that is to cut. these are perfectly aged for flavor and tenderness. you're eating walmart steaks. really? shut up!
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like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is is following developing news out of
11:00 am
cleveland, ohio. gina dejesus, one of the women held captive in that dilapidated home, a few miles from where they were abducted, is expected to arrive home no her own family for the first time in ten years. by her own account, dejesus was on her way home in 2004 when a man in a van pulled up and offered her a ride, beginning ten years of torment. we expect the cleveland police department to repeat a summary of what the women told them. it is a nightmarish house of horrors, according to police. the women were bound if chains and ropes in separate rooms throughout their captivity. police sources also say that women have told them of repeated sexual and physical abuse as well as multiple pregnancies and miscarriages. just hours ago, amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter were welcomed by cheers as she tu